BioRezydencja is a gorgeous ecological mountain house located at the outskirts of a picturesque Polish mountain town in Izery Mountains. This area is fabulous for clean air, healing spring waters and beautiful recreational sites. It is two hours away from Wrocław, Prague or Drezno. Świeradów Zdrój is a green wildlife sanctuary of uncontaminated nature in the south-west part of the Lower Silesia voivodship, at the height of 450-710 metres above sea level, in the valley of the river Kwisa (so-called Świeradów decline).


BioRezydencja is a place for revitalisation of the body, mind and soul. The hosts exercise the utmost care so that you could leave that place filled with the life-giving energy and inner peace. It offers spacious, natural, self-contained 4-8 people apartments at your disposal. Most apartments They have been created to satisfy the needs of people who search for inspiring place for integration and broadly defined renewal of the spirit and body.

BioRezydencja is an expression of deep respect for the nature, health and life balance. They use only ecological, wood gas for heating. The furniture, floor and walls are made out of solely natural materials. Most apartments have their own fireplaces. Healthy delicious vegetarian meals (with vegan and gluten-free option) are prepared from organic, seasonal and locally sourced produce. Tea, coffee and herbs are always available. Healing spring water flows in the taps!

If you wish to stay some days before or/and after the training please contact BioRezydency directly for accommodation.


Świeradów Zdrój

ul. Główna 12



How to get there? - Travel to the Venue


From Berlin:

By car: 3h - 3,5h journey

By train: the train timetable for this period is not published yet so this info might change.  The train ride is 4h and it has 2 changes.

Arrival: At the moment there is a train at 10:35 from Berlin to Gryfow Sl. (arriving 14:34). From Gryfow Sl. There is a 20min taxi ride to the venue. Let us know if you go by train and we can arrange the taxi for you (in Polish).

Departure : The train departs from Gryfow Sl. to Berlin at 14:37 or 16:37.

For tickets and updates check:


From Wroclav (Wrocław)

By car: 2,5h

By shuttle (book with the event organiser): Departure from the airport at 12:30pm  and Arrival back to the airport at ~7pm

By public bus: From Wroclav D.A. (bus station) at 11:45 arriving 14:25 to Swieradow Zdroj. A short taxi ride to the venue. Let us know if you go by this option and we can arrange the taxi for you (in Polish).

Return: depart from Swieradow Zdroj bus stop at 14:40 and arrive to Wroclav D.A. at 17:25.

For tickets and updates check:


Other options:

There are also nearby airports to Prague (3h by car, no easy public transport way); Dresden (by train as from Berlin, check the link above)

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