Amber Ra



Website: www.amber-ra.com

Amber is a practitioner of awareness, healing and consciousness as tools of self-empowerment and spiritual initiation.

With profound experience in body work, energy and movement and deep enthusiasm for esoteric teachings as cosmology, mythology, collective archetypes, dreamspace and soul journey astrology.

Aiming to connect people to their own power of creation and clarity of purpose through the activation of life force.

Facilitates and serves sacred spaces, deep shamanic journeys, Initiations, rituals and workshops worldwide. 

Temple priestee and a weaver of sacred spaces and the magical alchemy of souls.

Academic scholar and a Doctoral student of consciousness and shamanism.

Dawn Cherie

lead facilitator


Website: www.kabalove.org

Dawn Cherie Ezrahi is a performer, dancer, singer, a Watsu’er and a teacher of sacred love relationships. Her work is focused on enlivening women and men to live love at their great power, using methods of movement, ritual and theatre. In the last years she became passionate about the healing of woman of their shame around their sexuality and moon time, helping  them to uncover their inner sacred jewel.

Dawn is an American living part time in America- NYC , having lived primarily in Israel for the past 9 years and teaching internationally. Prior to that she was living in NYC for many years where she was a professional actress and performer. She earned her B.A. in Human Ecology from College of the Atlantic in Maine; where she continued to work deeply with nature and its wisdom. In NYC  she co founded several performing troupes- Body Temple(a unique holistic night club extravaganza), and Mad Woman of the Woods theatre company. Over the years her studying took her through many different paths studying with Gloria maddox theatre as a means of personal development, expression, and professionalism. Dawn studied extensively the Five Rhythms work of Gabrielle Roth,and learned with she and Jonathan Horan for many years 18 years in total. She was in a priestessing apprenticeship in  a women’s mystery school with ALisa Starkweather. Also an influential teacher along the path was that of  Arkan ; a native Peruvain adopted lakota medicine man.

She was training extensively, and was inspired by the teachings of David Deida. Dawn delved into extended trainings of Marshal Rosenberg and non violent communication, as well as expanding her work of healing in the water of watsu and water dance-water creature that she is.She finished a Pelvic Heart Integration training with Deborah Taj Anapol.She was also teaching in the kohennet training program in America of Hebrew priestessing.

Patrik Olterman


Website: theoerotic.olterman.se


I am a pastor, preacher, pirate, poet and a public speaker.

With formal training in theology, counselling and social work I teach with inspirational enthusiasm and passion. I am a truth seeker, rebel and pirate who teaches with deep insight and I will challenge the audience with a fearless, shameless questioning of authority, dogma and societal norm.

Aside from working as a Christian minister I am an Enneagram practitioner and life coach. As a Bhakti Yogi and Daka I also have training in Yoni Mapping and tantra massage.

I am available for private sessions in Scandinavia or via Skype. I can also appear as a speaker or workshop leader for your conference, festival or course and can speak on many subjects including: Post-Modern Faith, Interfaith, Dialogue, Diversity and anti-discrimination, LGBTQ and faith, Radical Christianity, Hermeneutics, Theopoetics, Tantric Christianity, Dynamic relationships, Sexuality in the Bible, Sexuality, gender and Faith, Martial arts and faith, Martial arts and sexuality.


"Being alive is my daily spiritual practice. Love is my rule. Humankind is my family. Authentic friendships is my church. The kingdom of God runs through my veins. Jesus is my brother. Becoming and being all that I am is my calling. Helping you become and be all that you are is my ministry. My deepest feelings are my guide. All living things are my teacher."

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